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Providing a loving warm environment where I would be willing to leave my dogs

Mission + Vision


​My name is Kim Doyle and I started Aunt Kim's Dog house in 2001. When I adopted a very sensitive rescue dog.       I vowed I would never allow her to be housed in a cage.

Within a few months of her adoption        I opened my company in my home

​Your dog(s) will live with me (and my 2 dogs) in my home as family.

I do not own any cages.  All dogs sleep in the house:  on the sofa, a dog bed on the floor or in the bed with me.

A dog door to my large, fenced back yard allows the dogs access to potty breaks 24 hours a day. 

To allow the dogs a wonderful vacation experience, we go on two field trips per day.  These outings are geared toward the health and strength of the group of dogs on any particular day.

​We go to fenced dog parks (as needed) and for strolls/hikes in the greater Tahoe area.  We love Boca Reservoir. 

Please consider leaving your pup with me when you head out on your next adventure.

Thank You,

​Aunt Kim


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Me and my dog Prada on the left, my Mom on the right.

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